Born in Tokyo in 1964, Rikuya Terashima studied composition at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, and acquired the Master's degree in 1992. He has been very active professionally both in composition and in piano performances already since he was a student, and In 1986, he was awarded the "Medaille d'Or" for his piano@performance at the L.C.Competition of the Settsu-shi Music Festival. He has performed and collaborated with many major artists as a composer/pianist in concerts, CDs, and theatres, and he was very highly acclaimed for his work, production and playing, especially: collaboration with "The Opera theater Konnyaku-za"; "The Tail of Hoffmann", opening performance for the Theatre Cocoon in 1989, for which he was the music director; Serial concerts devoted to Erik Satie "Disguise of Tradition", which was organized to commemorate the Exhibition "La Collection du Centre Georges Pompidou" in the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo in 1997.

His activities cover a great variety of fields, not only composition but concerts planning and piano playing mainly for chamber music; thus he has been the music director of "International Art Festival for Children" in Bihoro since 1999.

His composition work includes the operas "The life of Galilei"(based on B. Brecht),"Suetsumuhana"(based on Genji-story), Vaudeville "On the harmfulness of smoking"(based on A.Chekhov),"The shade of orange trees" for mixed chorus and piano (poem by G.Lorca), "Concerto for shakuhachi, 20-strings koto and orchestra"(commissioned by Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra), "Foreign scenery" for oboe, shamisen and percussion (commissioned by Hibiki Hall Festival in Kitakyushu city), "Ways" for mixed chorus and piano (poem by Shuntaro Tanigawa), "Psalm 49"(commissioned by The Choir of Magdalen College, Oxford).

Recently, he composed several pieces for Japanese traditional instruments such as "Continent, peninsula, islands" for restored instruments of instruments of Shoso-in (warehouse including Japanese ancient treasures) commissioned by National Theatre of Japan. He published many CDs such as "ContinentEPeninsulaEIslands|Works of Rikuya Terashima" iALCD-9026j, and piano solo, in chamber music, with songs, etc.